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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Alpine IVE-W530 EBT 6.1” WVGA High Resolution Touch Control Display

Rp 4.750.000,00
SKU: Alpine IVE-W530 6.1” WVGA High Resolution Touch Control Display


Expand Your Entertainment Choices



Introducing the IVE-W530 in-dash double-DIN DVD receiver for those who don’t need navigation but want a beautiful audio and video setup in their car. This unit has everything you need for entertainment: built-in iPod® / iPhone® music control, Bluetooth® audio streaming and App Mode. All this amazing technology is at your fingertips and it comes in the easiest to use AV user interface. View your favorite content through a crisp 6.1” WVGA screen accompanied with great Alpine quality sound so that your audio needs will be totally satisfied.






6.1” WVGA High Resolution Touch Control Display

50 Watts x 4

3 Pre-amp Outputs

DVD, AAC, MP3, DivX® Playback

Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling & Audio Streaming

Made for iPod / Works with iPhone

In-Car Entertainment Just Got Better with App Mode


Connect your iPod or iPhone and you’ll have viewing access to popular audio and video apps on the IVE-W530. Simply touch the App Mode function on the screen, launch your favorite apps such as Netflix or YouTube and enjoy streaming content for you and your passengers when you’re parked.


Bluetooth Wireless Technology


Bluetooth wireless technology is built in! Don’t be distracted by making or receiving phone calls while driving and say goodbye to uncomfortable headsets and earpieces. Get the convenience of carrying on phone conversations in your car, hands-free!


This unit is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology for easy operation and great sound quality. Your phone will pair with the IVE-W530 in mere seconds. For your convenience, this amazing receiver automatically syncs your phonebook. Now, make and receive phone calls conveniently with both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


You Get:


Caller ID

Call Waiting

Address book with convenient alphabet search



Missed / Dialed / Received call history

Separate microphone included for best sound quality

Quick tip: Press and hold down the [MUTE] button on this unit to get quick access to the direct telephone menu.


Software Update


Improve Bluetooth® compatibility with your Apple iOS 6.0 (or later) smartphone and enable audio streaming control with song information display. 


Made for iPod / Works with iPhoneIt’s convenient to control your iPod or iPhone in the car – enjoy seamless operation of your iPod in addition to full control of all your favorite media sources. Control all search options of your iPod directly from the IVE-W530 via Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Podcast, or Composer. The USB connection allows for high-quality iPod playback and delivers an even faster access speed so you’ll find songs as quickly as you expect to find them on your iPod.Get access to and control of all the songs from your iPhone right from the IVE-W530! Large music libraries are no problem with a faster connection speed and QuickSearch featuring Alphabet Search -- easily scroll through long lists of music by skipping through the letters of the alphabet. Once you find the letter you want, you can jump to the exact song!




Super-Fast USB ConnectionThe IVE-W530 uses a USB connection (cable sold separately) for newer iPods that provides ultra-fast digital data transfer so songs and video are loaded instantly through the receiver, on-screen. Thanks to USB, you can also alternatively plug in a USB thumb-drive loaded with music, instead of your iPod or iPhone.USB connection is compatible with iPod classic (up to 160GB), iPod touch (up to 4th generation), iPod nano (up to 6th generation) and iPhone’s (up to version 5.1).Find it Fast with QuickSearch and Alphabet SearchHave lots of music? Find it fast! With Alpine's exclusive QuickSearch technology, you'll be able to find what you want, the quickest and easiest way possible. With so many ways to listen to thousands of songs, now you can get super-fast access to playlist, artist, album, song, podcast, genre and composer, even use QuickSearch to access your radio stations. Large control buttons and a Touch Screen make it easy to search all your sources. No interruptions while you search, so you can keep enjoying your music. For especially big music libraries, the Alphabet Search function allows you to jump to specific parts of your music library by letter. Save yourself from scrolling through each song one by one, just jump to a segment of your library with a touch of a button.iPod Video ControlYou can also view and control your iPod movies from the IVE-W530 screen, using the USB cable, without any additional adapters. Keep your kids and passengers happy with all their favorite videos stored right on your iPod. With Dual Zone you can control your iPod video from the front seat, while your passengers view their videos and movies from the comfort of an optional Rear Seat Entertainment system.


Quick-draw: Boot-Up Time That Won the West


Don’t get stuck with annoyingly long boot-up times when it comes to starting up your system. With the Alpine IVE-W530, the unit is operational in just seconds so you can access your system. That means you can listen to music quickly so you don’t have to spend time sitting in silence. More importantly, if you have a rear camera installed, you can back up safely almost immediately. After a smooth load-up, quickly access the menu and you’re on your way in no time.


Effortless to the Touch


The IVE-W530 is fully integrated with your audio and video system for added convenience to make your drive more enjoyable. A simple menu and elegant display make source selection and accessing functions quick and easy with the touch of your finger. Distinct brilliant icons and direct access menu buttons all on a responsive 6.1” WVGA, 1.15 million pixel touch-control screen take the guess-work out for an effortless experience. Operating your audio and video controls has never been easier.


Best Sound Quality


For unrivaled sound quality, expect nothing less than the best. The IVE-W530 is equipped with a 3-band parametric EQ for great sound quality with all your digital media sources.


Selectable Background Color


In a different mood? Feel like changing up the background color to match your interior? The IVE-W530 offers four different display base colors to choose from: blue, red, green, and amber.


Did Someone Say More Entertainment?


The IVE-W530 has got you covered. It's set for DVD, CD, MP3, AAC, WMA, DivX® playback and a 6.1-inch WVGA touch-screen with a 1.15 million-pixel display. The IVE-W530can serve as your media center over all in-vehicle digital media sources, all at the touch of your fingertips.


WVGA Display and Enhanced Graphical Interface


Wow factor! The IVE-W530’s 6.1-inch WVGA touch-screen monitor gives you easy access and control of all your favorite media sources. The IVE-W530 features Visual Enhancement, which provides a more balanced picture, not over-emphasizing dark or light areas, so movies are seen with greater clarity. All of the graphics are crisp and clean for your viewing pleasure.


Safety First


The IVE-W530 is equipped with a camera input so you can add a rear view camera to your vehicle to make your drive easier. See what's behind your vehicle, right from the screen. When a rear camera is installed, the screen on the IVE-W530 will automatically switch to the rear camera view when the vehicle is in reverse. The IVE-W530 comes with an RCA input that can accommodate the use of any aftermarket RCA adapter-friendly rear view camera, such as the HCE-C155 as well.


For the safest driving experience, nothing beats Alpine’s new Active View™ Camera System. The HCE-C305R Active View camera alerts you to moving objects that approach your car while you’re backing up, providing an audible “beep” and a visual highlight of the moving object right on the IVE-W530’s screen


Steering Wheel Control


Replace the factory-installed head unit without loss of this convenient option. The IVE-W530 allows you the option of controlling your head unit right from your factory installed steering wheel controls (third party adapter required, use popular brand names such as Soundgate or PAC to add this feature). If your car has factory Bluetooth steering wheel controls, then they will control your new IVE-W530’s built-in Bluetooth as well.







Price: Rp 4.750.000,00
Weight: 4 kg
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