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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Micro Precision Series 3 - 3.16s 16 cm 2-Way System Set

Rp 5.775.000,00
SKU: 3.16 s 2-Way Speakerset


3-Series provide best value for the price.  All components are made in Germany. The membrane-technologie is aluminium. These membranes are strong and for universal use. 

This speakers cover a wide spectrum of musical energy. Easy to install and because of the ISO size. The 3.28 MK III Silkdometweeter is excellent in dynamics, resolution and staging. Easy to install with a full aluminium body & baseplate. Please choose your favorite product in the menue above.



Price: Rp 5.775.000,00
Weight: 5 kg
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