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Alpine PXA-H800 Ultimate High-End Processor

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Why we bring Legatia products to Indonesia?

As state on the title, Why we bring Legatia products to Indonesia?

Legatia is a brand that own by Hybrid Audio Technologies, USA.

The owner is Mr. Scott Buwalda, the one of the greatest champions of all time.

We will try our best to promote and let everybody know about the quality of Legatia products.


Under Dash Horns & Stage Height.

Dear Customer,


Many customers ask about the horns for autosound.

We would like to let you know, by using horns for your autosound, you will be able to get :

- Superb sound stage.

- Superb dynamic sound.

- Low wattage needed, since horns sensitivity is around 115dB, which require only 15 Watts.

For more information about under dash horns & stage height, you can read the link below :

Install Pictures of Horns Image Dynamics HLCD

Dear Customer,


We would like to give you the tips and trick about how to install horns in your car.

Please open this site :

By using horns, you just only need to add midbass speakers.

Advantages :

- Your dash keeps clean

- Do not need to ruin the originality of your car, especially on those pillars

Why we choose Image Dynamics?

Capacitors : Everything about Capacitors



Like coils, all capacitors represent an energy storage.

Coils : Everything about Coils



Like capacitors, all coils represent an energy storage.

The coil consists of a wound conductor. Usually copper wire is wound around a synthetic core. When current flows through the conductor a magnetic field is generated. This field holds energy. The more windings a coil has and the bigger its diameter, the bigger the stored energy - at a given current.

Basic : Cabinet Types

Sound Radiation
Cabinet Types


Soldering Theory

Soldering Theory


Soldering means that materials have to be joined, i.e. the atoms of material A have to penetrate material B and vice versa. The process is called "alloying".

When soft soldering there are usually two transitions: 
1) Metal A <-> solder 
2) 2) Solder <-> metal B

Cable Theory

A little cable theory

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